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Hey! Let's talk about: Where to SAVE and where to SPLURGE

Let me tell you as a professional MUA, makeup is bloody expensive but sometimes products can be so good it's worth every penny. On the other hand, the market is really so vast there will almost always be a more affordable alternative. Let's get into it!


Splurge: There are so many moisturisers on the shelves but we've all heard of the infamous Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. This is a new product in my kit and this one is on the pricier side with a 50ml size retailing at £79.00. I've used this a handful of times and it's really beautiful, it's so perfect for normal to dry skin. It sinks in really nicely and my issue with some moisturisers is that sometimes if theres too much on the skin, it will start to pill when we apply makeup as the skin can't absorb the product fast enough but so far, I'm not finding that it's happening here.

Save: Glowy healthy skin is all the rage right now and it's a trend that I'm hoping will stay forever. At Copenhagen Fashion Week, we saw the artists use a lot of products from The Ordinary, namely Natural Moisturising Factors + HA. It's been around for ages and it's a lightweight moisturiser that preps the skin really nicely. A 100ml tube retails at £12.80 and this price point sits nicely with me, I don't mind buying this over and over again to replenish my kit. I'd use this for all skin types, including my own.

Would I Save or Splurge? I use moisturiser twice a day, sometimes even more! It pains me too much to splurge every couple of months. However, I'll be purchasing my own Magic Cream and saving it for events where a lot of pictures will be taken (eg, weddings, parties, balls, etc) because I think it works best under makeup rather than a stand alone moisturiser. TLDR: Save for everyday, Splurge for events.


Splurge: In my kit you'll find a foundation bag that is mostly made up of Charlotte Tilbury. I'll reach for the Beautiful Skin Foundation (£39.00) for a hydrating medium dewy coverage, and Airbrush Flawless Foundation (£39.00) for a fuller matter coverage. Theres a huge shade range in both warm and cool options as well as neutral shades too. A lot of my clients love this and I really enjoy using this as an artist too!

Save: In my personal kit, I reckon foundation is the product that gets revised and repurchased the most. I prefer a buildable coverage so that it can do the same job as skin tint for everyday as well as a full coverage foundation for events. I've been using L'Oreal True Match foundation (£10.99) for a skinlike finish.

Would I Save or Splurge? It's been a while since I used a luxury brand for my foundation and when I have, I don't remember noticing a massive difference between the save and splurge. The key to a flawless base is in the skincare. Preference is so important when it comes to foundation, my oily girlies probably wont like a dewy finish and my dryer girlies probably wont like a matter foundation.

TLDR: Save but try a few samples if you can.


Splurge: TooFaced Better than Sex mascara (£28.00) has been a cult favourite for years and it's easy to see why. It really does lengthen and makes the lashes look thicker. Waterproof option available.

Save: Maybelline Lash Sensational (£11.99) also lengthens and thickens the lash. Waterproof version also available.

Would I Save or Splurge? Save save save. I think as long as it's black and waterproof, that's all that matters. The brush is the most important component to a good mascara. So when you go to a make up counter to try out a mascara, be sure that the disposable wand you're trying is the same as what would be in the tube. Always look for a waterproof mascara too. This will hold your curl in your lashes for longer and the chances of it running down your under eyes is minimised.

TLDR: Save. Waterproof ands black (or brown if that's your thing!)

Lip Gloss.

Splurge: When Fenty Gloss Bomb (£19.00) came out in 2017 I was obsessed. I think this was one of the first lip glosses that had a huge doe foot applicator and lip gloss very soon became a staple in every makeup bag and 7 years later, a glossy lip is still the finishing touch to a makeup routine.

Save: My TikTok has been plastered with Max Factor X 2000 Calorie Lip Glaze (£9.99) and I inevitably picked one up from Boots. It might be the marketing but i's really made me think how far we've come with the lip trends and especially lip gloss packaging. The bigger doe foot applicator is so much more convenient and it helps aid that juicy lip look with the amount of product that the applicator carries.

Would I Save or Splurge? Based on my usage of lip products and my incessant need to have a lip balm, lip stick, and lip gloss in every single bag I own I have to admit I save on this component. BUT for when I'm with friends I do love to flex my Fenty when I can, shamelessly too!

TLDR: Save but I can't say no to a luxury lip gloss for a humble brag.

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